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Our company Job Logistics Ltd. is located at:
Unit Two, Moss Hey Garages, Blackpool, FY4 5HU

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Service Agreement

The terms set out by this policy constitute an agreement between yourself & Job Logistics Ltd for any bookings or quotations provided & accepted by yourself, whether these are made verbally, written, through email or otherwise. By using our booking facility for our services & where we are able to provide quotes without first requiring an assessment of the premises where our services are to be carried out, then a contract is created between us. If at the time our services are to be carried out, it is found that the information you provided was inaccurate or incomplete, then we reserve the right to adjust our quote or booking accordingly.
If it is a requirement by us that we need to inspect the intended location before a quote can be provided for the service, then no contract will be in affect between us until we have carried out such inspection & assessed your requirements accordingly. Any prior indicated price that you have been provided with by us will be an estimate only & not indicative of the final agreement. The quotations that we provide will be valid for a period of no more than 30 days & we reserve the right to withdraw any such agreements at our discretion.

Provision of Services

Job Logistics Ltd will make every effort to carry out our services at the desired dates and times requested, however delays may occur due to unforeseen circumstances or conditions beyond our control. We will endeavour to provide our services when requested unless prevented from doing so & will carry these out with all reasonable care. If circumstances inhibit or prevent us from carrying out our services as expected, we will inform you & suggest an alternative solution where reasonably possible.
By entering into an agreement with us to carry out services for you, it is your responsibility to allow safe & full accessibility to the premises for our employees & any third parties we use to carry out the work. It is also your responsibility to provide us with any details of circumstances which may affect our ability to carry out the desired service, such as notifying us of any heavy individual items that you require to be collected, letting us know if there may be difficulties in carrying out the service or costs involved in parking our vehicles. If the information you have provided for us to carry out a service is inaccurate or incomplete then we reserve the right to cancel the service or make additional charges to cover any extra costs involved. By making a booking for or accepting a quote for the collection of materials from a premises location provided by you, you confirm that you have full authority to allow us to collect said materials without any dispute from yourself or any third parties. By creating a booking or accepting a quote from us based on the information provided by yourself, you indemnify Job Logistics Ltd against any costs incurred as a result of any dispute or your lack of authority to remove said materials.
Any sharp items must be stored separately in a suitable sturdy container, such as a sealed plastic bucket & clearly marked for collection.
If any hazardous materials or dangerous substances are not identified and disclosed to us during your waste collection booking or quotation request & we detect such types of items upon entering the premises we may vacate the premises immediately & will no longer be responsible for the collection or disposal of any further material at the premises. Under such circumstances, the full costs for our services will still be applicable & further costs may be charged to you if we need to appoint a third party to remove such items that have already been collected by us.

Our weed and steam service is supplied & carried out at your own risk & by requesting & accepting our services you indemnify Job Logistics Ltd against any damage or loss arising due to weak construction or flooding. The service require use of a water & electricity supply & it is your responsibility to ensure that all reasonable safety measures are taken for the provision of this to our employees or any third parties that we may use.

It is your responsibility to ensure that our employees & any third parties we use for any services that we provide, have suitable access to be able to perform those services. Job Logistcs Ltd. will not be held liable for any disruption, breakages, injury, damage to property or property contents, or loss of business whilst performing any services. We operate a zero-tolerance policy on any type of abuse or alteration to the original quoted agreement. The suitability of loading of materials on to our trucks is strictly limited & accepted only at our driver’s discretion. Unsuitable loads will be rejected if they are not considered safe or roadworthy.

Copyright & Disclaimer

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